The Benefits of Using Polymers in Custom-Machine Components

Custom-machine components are very important in many industries. When manufacturers make these components, they can use many materials, but one of the best materials to use is industrial polymers. Although metallic materials are instinctively chosen by design engineers when manufacturing components, you will realize that there are more benefits to using polymers. Polymers are a more sensible alternative if you want to come up with more durable precision-machined, high-strength parts. Here are some benefits of using industrial polymers over the traditional metal material for precision parts.

If polymers are used for manufacturing precision parts, then one of the benefits is that it is very cost -effective. Click to learn more about Polymers The reason for this is that since polymers are very light compared to metals, they will offer lower freight costs for equipment that needs to be handled or transported regularly over its lifetime. And, since polymers have less frictional properties of wear components compared to metals, they provide lower power motors for moving parts in bearing and wear applications. The parts will also wear less because of this low frictional property. And if the rate of wear is lower, then this means that it will have less maintenance-related downtime. This results in the ability of the equipment to produce more profit at a longer period of time. They also help save in cost since polymers are very light and they are a less expensive raw material that can be used for parts. Manufacturers can produce parts faster with polymer components than metal components thus also reducing costs.

When compared with metals, polymers are more resistant to chemicals. Metals can be attacked by a lot of common chemicals in the absence of extensive and secondary finishes. When there is moisture, metal corrodes. And, if they come in contact with unlike metals, they corrode as well. But with polymers, even the harshest chemicals cannot harm them. And this is the reason why precision fluid handling components can be manufactured and used using polymers. Polymers are very useful in the chemical and processing industries. If these components are made of metal, then they can easily be dissolved. Polymers can also stand very high temperatures for machining.

Polymers do not require post-treatment finishing, unlike metals. Get more info on Industrial Polymers Corporation.  And this is because they are thermally and electrically insulating. If you use a metallic material, you need to do secondary processing and coating in order to achieve its insulating properties. This makes it more expensive to have metallic components for equipment. If they are able to offer a level of insulation, then it will be inferior to that provided by their polymer counterpart. Polymers are also corrosion resistant. They can be compounded with color so they don’t need to be painted as well. Learn more from
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